"This is the best summer, ever!"

Kirk Jr.

COFAN is a nonprofit organization that is committed to promoting and keeping the culture of others. We embrace, while learn from the diverse backgrounds in each family we unite with. These tools guide us in our careful decision-making. Our members continue to create opportunities for our future generations; in addition to keeping the cultural history of the communities. 

They utilize their expertise and compassion by increasing public awareness in every event that is represented. Therefore, we invite you to participate with us as we begin this New Year of enjoyment. Don't hesitate to contact us; we want you to become involved! 


Patricia James- President

Norma Winchester- Treasurer

Clara Gomez- Assistant Treasurer

Shamona Collins- Secretary

Marilyn Brown- Secretary

Theresa James- Birthday Coordinator

 Deleitha Dromond- 
Assistant Pageant Coordinator

Bernadine Minor- Arts & Craft 

Janice Miles- Visiting Angel

Myrtle St Rose- Visiting Angel

Cindy Cottlette- Auxiliary Member

Brianna Gibbs- Auxiliary Member


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